Potawatomi Community Center

Rock Climbing Wall

Attention: Rock wall is CLOSED Saturday, May 20th. Sorry for the inconvenience. 


- Rockwall -

Looking for a challenge?  Try Our vertical rock-wall with a height of 25 ft, our rock wall is a great way to develop your climbing skills and enhance your problem-solving abilities. The wall is equipped with 4 auto belays and 4 top ropes for manual belay options from our certified fitness staff. The rock-wall is perfect for group outing, birthday parties and employee teambuilding events.


- Policies -

Please wear proper footwear such as secure close-toed shoes - no sandals, crocs, bare feet, etc.

Climbers cannot climb unattended, a certified Community Center staff member must be present at all times.

Minimum age limit is 3 years old