Locker Room



Potawatomi Community Center

Locker Room Area



Monday-Friday | 5:30 am - 9 pm |

Saturday | 7 am - 9 pm | 

Sunday | 10 am - 6 pm |


We offer Men's and Women's locker rooms as well as family locker rooms inside the Potawatomi Community Center. 


Locker Room Rules

  • Please assist us in keeping the locker rooms clean for your fellow members.

  • Eating and storage of perishable items is prohibited.

  • Lockers must be emptied of contents after each visit to the Center.

  • Please discard all dirty towels and trash in the appropriately marked receptacles.

  • It is required that a towel be wrapped around or placed beneath oneself when using benches or chairs.

  • Street shoes are prohibited in the shower and spa areas.

  • The cutting of nails, hair and exfoliation of skin is prohibited.

  • The use of cell phones, tablets, computers, cameras, or electronic devices is strictly prohibited in the locker rooms.

  • Photography in the locker rooms is strictly prohibited.

  • Family locker rooms are designated for families and individual parents with small children or individuals that need assistance.

  • Please secure your personal items.

  • No music playing in the locker room.

  • No horseplay and fighting inside the locker room.

  • The Potawatomi Community Center is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen personal items.

  • All locks left on a locker will be cut off at the end of the night.